Utilities and Services in Vadodara

Vadodara is equipped with all essential utilities and services that are needed by the inhabitants of the city. Utility is simple words means a depiction of preferences over some set of goods and services. Every type of service is provided efficiently to the people in Vadodara. It is not difficult to find a service in Vadodara due to proximity and easy connectivity.

Utilities and Services in Vadodara
Some of the imperative utilities and services available in Vadodara are:

Getting Birth Certificates: A birth certificate is an important document for proof of identity used for official purposes, for claiming benefits from the government, for getting children admitted in schools and for getting the passports or driving license. A procedure has to be followed in order to get a birth certificate.
  • In case of Vadodara, the birth certificate is issued by the Municipal Corporation. An application has to be filed, either on a form or plain paper, which should have details of names of the parents, place, date, time of birth and venue of delivery. In case of delivery in a hospital, these details are registered by the hospital staff automatically.
  • In case, the birth is not registered automatically and in case the child is born at home, some formalities have to be completed, like filing an affidavit, and a permission letter from the district collector.

Getting Death Certificates: The submission of a death certificate is handled by the funeral home where the cremation of burial takes place. Some essential documents needed to file a death certificate are social security card, occupation at the time of death, address with country and zip code, surviving spouse’s name, parents name with mother’s maiden name and place of burial or cremation.

Getting Marriage Certificates: A marriage certificate is required as an identity proof, social security and is used at the time of travel to a different country and for visas.
The documents needed to get a marriage certificate include:
  • Address Proof: passport, driving license, gas bill, ration card, voter ID
  • Residence proof
  • Marriage application form filled
  • Passport photographs of bride and groom with signatures.
The certificate is issued by the marriage officer upon the verification of the documents, application and records.

Getting Ration Card: A ration card is one of the most useful documents needed for Indians. It helps at the time of buying grocery for the houses and other essential commodities. It is also used as an identity proof in India. To apply for a ration card one needs to provide a form of application, passport photographs attested by a gazette officer and residence proof. The process takes about 15 days under normal circumstances.

Getting a Driving License: A driving license is a mandatory document needed for drivers and people who drive cars and other vehicles. Driving without this is a punishable offence. The required documents are age proof (birth certificate or passport or school or college certificate), residence proof (ration card, voter ID, tax receipt, etc.) and four passport photographs. One can apply for a permanent license post one month of having a learning license.  A test is given to show the driving skills on the basis of which the license is provided, along with three photographs, filled form and original driver’s license.

Getting Voter ID Card: Voting is a crucial part of a democracy and should be taken seriously by all citizens crossing a certain age. The age limit to apply for a voter ID is 18 and above. The requirements to obtain a voter ID are properly filled in application form, a relevant address proof, age proof and passport size photographs. The voter ID is given by the Electoral Registration Officer in your area.

Broadband Services: Broadband is an important service needed by everyone who has access to the internet. The best broadband service providers in Vadodara are:
  • Broadband Pacenet India Pvt. Ltd.
  • You Broadband and Cable India Limited
  • Tata Docomo
  • Finetech Exim Pvt. Ltd.
  • Reliance World
  • Anahita DTH Service
  • My Idea

Post Offices: The post offices in Vadodara are all branches of the Indian Post Office spread all over the city. Most of the major areas of the city have a branch of the Indian Post Office which makes it easy for the people to collect and send parcels and letters across the state, different states and different countries. The services are fast and reliable.

Banking Service: Vadodara comprises most of the important national and international banks. Some of them are ICICI, Abhyudaya Co-operative, Ahmedabad Mercantile Co-operative, Alavi Co-operative, Allahabad Bank, Andhra, Ankleshwar Nagrik Sahakari, Anyonya Co-operative, Axis, Bank of Baroda, etc.

Property Dealers: Vadodara is surrounded by property dealers and real estate agents who help in sale, rent, and investments related to flats and houses. They also help the clients to buy or rent commercial space as per the requirement. The dealers in this city are honest and provide efficient services.

Courier Services: Some of the commonly used courier services in Vadodara include Overseas Express, Aditi International, Gayatri Worldwide Express, Shree Hari Export, Shree Maruti, DTDC, Blue Dart Express Limited, First Flight, Madhur Courier services, etc. They are fast and honest companies that collect and drop letters and parcels.

Healthcare in Vadodara: Vadodara health focuses on health care centers, hospitals and nursing homes which provide timely and efficient health care services to the residents of the city. Owing to the rapid and improved health awareness among locals the health sector in Vadodara has immensely progressed by the centers and clinics pertaining to health. Read More

Vadodara Sanitation: The Vadodara Municipal Corporation has tremendously worked to improve the conditions of sanitation in the city and has been successful to quite an extent.
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