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Structure Directing Agents (SDA)

Structure Directing Agents
SDAs are quarternary salts which are chemicals which helps in the formation of particular channels and pores during the synthesis of zeolites. Zeolites have varied applications including as catalysts and adsorbents. In particular, zeolites promoted with transition metals such as copper and iron have been proven to be active for the selective catalytic reduction, which is currently considered as one of the preferred technologies for emission control in automotive applications. With a great focus on green technology and a healthy environment, industries are evaluating new technologies by investing in R&D. New and innovative applications are driving the growth of the zeolite market, in turn driving the quaternary ammonium compounds market. (Source: F&S Report)

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In addition, quarternary ammonium compounds (which include our SDAs) are used as agents that are bioactive. They consist of a large range of antimicrobial activity over a broad range of pH and are used as pesticides, wood preservatives, sanitizers/disinfectants, fungicides, and hard-surface cleaners in commercial, medical, domestic, and agricultural applications. At very low temperatures, they are also considered effective against fungi, bacteria, and viruses. (Source: F&S Report)

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